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that you'll love, and have your customers coming back for more!

Currawong Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been found on South Australian supermarket shelves since 2005. Our aim has been to provide a product at a fair market price, whilst maintaining quality and consistency. Whether you are in the need of olive oil, vinegars, table olives or infused olive oils; our experienced team will help you with the best product solution for your store, restaurant, or export market.

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Together with its dedicated and professional team, Currawong Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has become a recognised brand by South Australian consumers. We supply our partners with a range of quality products that meets their need. Whether you’re looking to buy Oils or Vinegars, you can always count on us. Check out our product lists below to select what is suitable for your store.

Marinated Olives


Currawong believes that the key to quality products starts with how they are produced. That is why we source raw fruit from only the best growers. If you’re looking for top quality table olives for your deli section or restaurant, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about purchasing our products.

Rustic Kitchen


We produce some of Australia's most consistently awarded olive oils. Our oils include both extra virgin and infused olive oils. 

Our infused oils stand out in the crowd for two reasons; firstly we use extra virgin olive oil as the base, and our infusions are all natural instead of a flavour.

Australian Currawong Bird


Currawong Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a South Australian story created by two friends one evening over a bottle of wine.

The idea took shape, and in seeking something that would identify the brand as uniquely Australian, the cheeky 'Currawong' bird was chosen to represent the brand they envisaged.

Currawong Olive Oil was created in 2005 and is still very much a family owned brand, which is bottled and packaged in Seaford, South Australia.

Available for domestic and export sales.

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